Advanced Machining Centre


Machine Shop is geared with all types of heavy duty & precision machine tools including CNC machines, specializing in the machining and threading of OCTG including manufacture, repair & re-manufacture of various oilfield equipment. Machine Shop covers an area of 3,500 sqm with the support of four EOT Cranes of 10 Tons. Innovative products and unmatched service has allowed us to become an industry leader in oilfield.

Machine Shop is well equipped and has one of the most advanced technologies, which marks its major position in the market. The workshop is equipped with CNC Machines with Fanuc controls. The software also consists of Manufacturing Data Collection (MDC), which would monitor the efficiency and performance of a specific job on a specific machine thereby reducing downtimes, errors, status reports and improve the productivity and quality of the work performed.

Following are examples of some of the products that can be done in our machine shop:

  • Repair of drill pipes, collars, crossovers.
  • Threading of pipes & tubulars, rotary-shouldered connections & drill stem subs.
  • Manufacturing of adapters, drilling spools, crossover connections, tees & crosses, top connectors, flanged connectors, other end connectors, bull plugs & threaded connectors.

We have long terms contract with major end-users like Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, Qatar Shell, Total E&P & Gulf Drilling International for above scope.


Manweir’s Advanced Machining Centre

  • Manufacture, repair and remanufacture oilfield, power and heavy Industrial equipment.
  • CNC Machines – 4-axis vertical machining center & horizontal boring machine, Vertical turret lathe with machining capacity up to 144”.
  • Licenses for various OEM’s like VAM, Tenaris, JFE, Hunting, NSSC for proprietary premium threads since 1985.
  • Workshop approved by Exxon Mobil in Qatar.
  • CNC Centre’s for machining & threading equipped with Delcam software & Fanuc 31i controls
  • Capacity to handle to up to 12 ft. diameter components
  • Reverse Engineering capability
  • Tubular threading capacity of 1000+ connections per month.
  • In-situ machining up to dia. 1800 mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm & Ra up to 1.6.
  • OCTG torqueing from dia. 1 ½” to 21”, maximum torque – 100,000 ft/lbs.
  • Antigalling treatments – Mg & Zn phosphating, Cu sulphating.
  • Swaging & expanding of tubing & casing ends.
  • Stress relieving of manual/automatic controls using Manning heat treatment centre.
  • In-situ machining.
  • Nickel brush platin
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