Welding & Fabrication


Fabrication & welding works by qualified welders for various grades of metals. Services also include cladding, hard facing, brazing and cemented carbide dressing. Highly skilled fabricators and qualified welders undertake various procedures for carbon steel, low alloy steel including stainless steel overlays to facilitate the repair and remanufacture of valves and wellhead equipment, refurbishment of Stabilizers with cemented carbide dressing ground to gauge size on cylindrical grinder. Moreover, onsite fabrications and other general welding services are also undertaken. Also available in-house are the stress relieving/heat treatment facilities.

Workshop has attained full certification for ASME U and NBBI R.

Workshop is approved by Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Gas, Qatar Shell, North Oil Company, Technip FMC, Cameron & GE – Vetco Gray.


Manweir has the capabilities to fabricate and deliver following range of products but not limited to :


  • Pressure vessels – coded and un-coded.
  • Structural, piping & tank fabrication.
  • Welding process – GTAW (TIG), SMAW, GMAW (MIG/MAG) and spot welding.
  • Welding procedures are qualified in accordance with ASME Sec IX / AWS D1.1 for materials like aluminum, Inconel, Monel, alloy steel, stainless steel & carbon steel.
  • Corrosion resistant & hard facing overlays in accordance with ASME, API & BS standards.
  • Refurbishment of stabilizers with cement carbide dressing.
  • Brazing and hard facing.
  • Rolling, bending & shearing of plates.
  • Cold cutting and beveling of pipes from 6”to 36”.
  • Special welding procedures for wellhead equipment.
  • Post weld heat treatment (PWHT).
  • Nondestructive testing – MP, LP, UT, RT (outsourced) & PMI.


  • High pressure piping
  • Choke manifold (15k, 10k & 5k)
  • Sub Sea drilling templates
  • 20/40 ft offshore containers
  • Cargo containers and baskets
  • Access platforms and stairs
  • Cantilever decks
  • Mud tanks, chemical tanks
  • Recertification of containers and baskets for onshore/offshore
  • Zone Rated Lab Cabins
  • Various types of structural skids for onshore and offshore
  • Burner booms (90/60 ft)
  • Oil and gas Manifold
  • Inter connecting piping and crossovers
  • Generator Rotor Platforms
  • Some other products:
  • Non separation multi Phase skid
  • Line Heater skid (5k &10k)
  • Slug Catcher skid
  • BOP skid
  • Trailer Mounted Skids
  • Glycol regeneration skid
  • Gas dehydration skids
  • Indirect water bath heater skid (95k &10k)
  • Surge Tank skid (50 /150psi,100/50bbl)
  • Cyclonic Sand Separator Skid (15k, 10k& 5k)
  • Cementing batch mixture skid
  • Hydro cyclone Skid
  • KO drum Skid
  • Metering skid
  • Pump Skid
  • Wire line Skids 
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