TAFA and HVOF Services

TAFA metal arc spraying of Aluminum & Zinc coatings by wire feed for corrosion resistant and antigalling hard protective coating on equipment subjected to severe corrosion conditions.

The new TAFA High Velocity Oxygen-Fuel (HVOF) metal spray produces best carbide coatings by generating extremely high particle velocity and providing high density coatings for superior performance in wear and corrosion resistant applications.

HVOF coatings are very dense, hard and with high bond strength. Arc spray coatings are the best and economical solution for restoration of worn out dimensions.


Thermal spray application by oil and gas industry sectors are provided including

  • Drilling: Fishing jar, shock tools, drilling jars, splined mandrel, wash pipe, knocker mandrel
  • Directional tools: Bearing mandrel, piston mandrel and connecting rods
  • Oil and gas production: Compressor systems, piston rods, extension rods, pump plunger
  • Electrical submersible: Motor, pump, turbine
  • Other industries: Compressor system: cylinders, piston rods, extension rods, pump plungers

Electrical submersible: motor body, pump body, tubing, gas separator

Chemical, power plant, steel industries: pump plunger, impeller, impeller housing, impeller shafts

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