Electrical Repair Solutions


Manweir offers complete set of electrical repair solutions such as rewinding, repairing, overhauling of all types of motors (AC & DC), generators and transformers including explosion proof/ flame proof designated motors. We are preferred workshop and service center for major OEM’s across the globe who have installation in Qatar.

Manweir is a member of AEMT for more than 25 years and the facility is approved for repair and overhauling of rotating machines and enclosures designed for use in explosive monitored and controlled conditions.  Our technicians are trained in repair and overhaul of EX electrical apparatus. The workshop is also equipped with one EOT of 60 tons.

The facility is also geared for Transformer oil testing & analysis complete with purification services for power transformers 15MVA to 100 MVA, 33KV to 132 KV class.

Rewinding & overhauling capabilities of the facility are as under:

High Voltage Induction Motors (AC) 150 KW to 10000 KW – 3.3 KV to 13.8 KV
Slip Ring Motors 150 KW to 6000 KW – 3.3 K V
Low Voltage Squirrel Cage Induction Motors 0.5 KW -1500 KW (Low Voltage up to 1000 Volts)
Submersible Pump Motors 0.37 KW – 1000 KW (Low Voltage up to 1000 V)
DC Motors 1KW – 4000 KW (Low Voltage up to 1000 V)
Transformers Step Down / Up & Auto Volt 50 KVA – 5000 KVA (Low Voltage up to 11000 V)
Generators AC / DC 1 KVA – 5000 KVA (Low Voltage up to 11000 V)


Manweir’s Electrical Repair Solutions Centre provides coil winding capacity up to 500 KW including

  • Coil winding capacity up to 500 KW including
  • Vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) tank of 3mtrs. x 3mtrs.
  • Curing oven of size: 3mtrs. x 3mtrs. x 3mtrs. with a temperature range of 100 °C – 175°
  • Motor testing panel with a capacity up to 6.6 kV.
  • IECEx certified test facility by SGS Baseefa.
  • Compliance with BEAMA / AEMT code of practice for repair.


Manweir also conducts transformer overhaul and repair up to 25 MVA / 66/33 KV, onsite and at the workshop as well as:

  • Inspection and refurbishment service
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Breakdown support
  • Preventive maintenance -Service Contracts
  • Testing equipment availability up to 11 KV, no load
  • Visual inspection of complete transformer for leakage points and any damage parts, others
  • Recertification of leakages
  • Replacements of bushings
  • Replacement of gaskets
  • Service tank, radiators and valves
  • Testing of Transformer (IR value, Ratio Test, others)
  • Oil purification, regeneration and testing
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