Qualified welders undertake a wide variety of special processes including stainless overlays to facilitate the repair and remanufacture of valves and wellhead equipment and refurbishment of stabilizers with cemented carbide dressing ground to gauge size on cylindrical grinder.

Also available in-house is Tafa metal arc spraying for corrosion resistant and antigalling hard protective coating on equipment subjected to severe corrosive conditions.

    Swaging of Tubing & Casing using dies
    Stress relieving with manual/automatic controls using Mannings Heat Treatment Center.
    LDC Scandinavian Brush Plating process can reclaim shafts, bores, pistons and other items where welding is not possible. This service is also available for insitu-repairs. This portable Electro plating process has excellent adhesion to most base materials providing dense coatings of hard chrome, nickel, cadmium etc.
    Antigalling treatments like Manganese & Zinc Phosphating including Copper sulphating are also available in-house.

Qualified welders undertake a wide variety of special processes.