This division is engaged in supplying the oil industry with equipment tools, chemicals and services required for exploration, drilling, production and transportation of hydrocarbons. Through its association with international companies, this division markets products and services of leading oil field equipment manufactures, suppliers and service companies.

OPSD provides comprehensive service to the oil industry by stocking certain essential items such as API Class-G-Cement, drilling components and down hole tools

This division offers a wide mix of products and services as below:

Representation by Manweir (OPSD)

Company Products/Services
Andergage Drilling Systems Shock Tools, Agitators etc
Det Norske Veritas
DNV Classification AS, Norway
SWACO Geolograph, Dubai Shale shakers, Mud motors, etc
TIW Corporation, USA Liner Equipment, Completions, Packers, Gravel Packers, Kelly/Safety Valves
Water Weights Ltd., UK Rental of equipment for load testing or load measurements (Water bags, load cell shackles, etc.)
Gulf Strategic Partners Pre-commissioning, engineering, maintenance, industrial chemical cleaning of equipment
International Tubular Services (IDS) Tubulars & downhole-equipment rentals, Hardbanding, Oilfield inspection services, Tubing & casing rinsing services, Fishing, milling, well abandonment & whipstock.

OPSD provides comprehensive service to the oil industry...