Manweir’s large Machine shop in the Mannai complex is well equipped to cater to the needs of the Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries in Qatar and nearby GCC states. It is equipped with all types of heavy duty and precision machine tools including CNC machines,specialising in the Machining and Threading of OCTG including Manufacture, Repair & Remanufacture of the following equipment:

Wellhead and Christmas Tree equipment (API 6A)

Flanged Connections, Threaded Connections, Casing & Tubing Heads, Tees & Crosses, Crossover Connectors, Adapter & Spacer Spools, Top Connectors & other End Connectors. The facility is also capable of repair & remanufacture of Casing & Tubing Hangers, Tubing Head Adapters, Actuators, Valves & Chokes.

Drill Through Equipment (API 16A)

Drilling Spools, Adapters & Loose Connectors.

Casing & Tubing (API 5CT)

Casing & Tubing Pup Joints, Connectors, Couplings, Accessories & Threading including licensed Premium Proprietary Casing & Tubing Connections such as Vam, New Vam, Vam Top-(I)/KC/HC/HCNA, Vam Ace, Vam SLIJ, TDS, BDS, Big Omega (Vallourec & Mannesman Tubes), Grant Prideco - TCII/A, TC4S, NKK - NK3SB, NKFJ2 (Tenaris connections), SLHC, TS HD, Seal Lock BOSS (Hunting Interlok), NSCT, NSCC (Nippon Steel).

Rotary Drill Stem Elements (API 7)

Threading of Rotary Shouldered Connections on Drill Collars, Drill Pipes, Drill Stem Subs, Kellys, manufacture/recut Tool Joints including repair & remanufacture of Kelly Valves.

Other Machining & Manufacturing Activities

Other activities include manufacture of special Fishing Tools, Centralizers, Scrapers, Jetting Tools, various types of Gears, Orifice Plates, Orifice Flanges, Drip Rings, Thermowells, Spades, Spectacle blinds, Tubing & Casing Drifts, Quick Union sets and various other pipe fittings including repair & remanufacture of Mud pump modules.