"We Shall Deliver the Product Right First Time, On Time."


Quality Policy
"We Shall Deliver the Product Right First Time, On Time"

It is the policy of Manweir to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and to ensure that our products and services shall meet the requirements of our customers at all times.

Manweir management is committed in providing services of the highest Quality in the Repair, Overhaul & Reclamation of Ex Machines in compliance with the latest requirements of the relevant standards.

It is the Company policy to meet the quality management system requirements of the latest edition of ISO 9001, API Q1 and IEC 60079-19 and other standards accepted by the company from its customers.

The Company is committed to provide its customers with products which consistently conform to or exceed customer expectations.

The company seeks to continually improve its quality management system using a process approach which is achieved through the following commitments:

Provide the necessary resources as required to establish, implement and maintain an effective quality management system based on the requirements of the latest editions of ISO 9001, API Q1 and IEC 60079-19.

Continual improvement in quality related issues and the development of quality objectives. Provide training for all employees to increase awareness and competency to defined levels.

Communicate the quality policy to all employees within the company. Comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Periodic reviews of the quality management system for continuing suitability and effectiveness.

This policy is made known to all employees of Manweir by distribution of the Manual, by prominent display on the company notice board and by emphasis during any internal training programs.

Manweir is fully equipped modern workshop involved in the manufacturing & repairs of components in compliance to the international quality assurance standards ISO 9001:2015 and API Q1 with Monogram License under Spec 7-1, 5CT, 6A & 16A Specifications.

The Quality Management System of Manweir is certified and is in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 & API-Q1 Quality System Standard by American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR).

Licenses by API include API 5CT (Tubing & Casing Connections/Accessories), API 7-1 (Drill Stem Subs & Threading of Rotary Shouldered connections), API 6A (Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment) & API 16A (Drill thru Equipment). Manweir is also licensed to thread various OCTG & Drilling Premium Thread connections by Vallourec & Mannesman OCTG & VAM Drilling, TenarisHydril, Hunting Energy Services, JFETC Steel Corporation & NOV Grant Prideco. Manweir is also a Designated Repair Centre for the service & repair of Pressure Safety/Relief Valves.